Regular racing in 2019 at Manly

  • Sign on 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm
  • Racing 1:00 pm sharp
  • Sign on fees $8 per rider or $20 per family
  • Keep tabs on our Facebook page for regular updates and any changes

Regular BMX riding at the Manly Warringah BMX track:

  • Tuesday coaching
    • BMX coaching for licensed riders
    • full race gear mandatory
    • please contact Pierre on 0415 320 912
  • Thursday night gate training

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Racing at BMX NSW and BMX Australia sanctioned events

Some of our members choose to race at inter-club events and in more competitive environments at both State and National levels.  Full detail of event information, entry dates and entry forms can be found at:

Qualifying for State Championships

In order to qualify to compete at the BMXNSW State Championships a rider must compete in a minimum of 1 City and 1 Country event prior to the 19th of August in 2019.

Qualifying for National Championships

There are no qualifying requirements for the Australian National Championships other than a valid BMXA license.

State Series Information

All BMXNSW events in 2019 other than the BMXtreme Carnival and the State Championships will be State Series Rounds.

All State Series Rounds will be on the Sunday with racing starting at 10.00am with the exception of the San Remo event which will be a twilight event with racing commencing at 4.00pm on the Saturday.

Qualification for winners and awards in all 20″ and Cruisers classes from 8 years to Superclass will be as follows;

Minimum of 1 x Country Round must be entered and competed (a minimum of 1 x moto raced constitutes competing).

Best 6 x Rounds count towards the riders points total.

Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in their 20” actual age class to qualify for awards.

Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in their Cruiser actual age class to qualify for awards.

Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in the Masterclass to qualify for awards.

Riders must do a minimum of 6 x Rounds in the Superclass to qualify for awards.

Only rounds in the actual age class, Superclass or Masterclass will count towards qualification for award in that class unless the age class has been merged at an event.

If the situation where an age class has been merged at an event, the points awarded to the rider from that event will be transferred to the running total for the actual age class of the rider and used towards qualification.

The top 3 riders in each age class for 20” and Cruiser will be awarded a Jersey, a finishing position memento Plate and a Dinner Invitation for the end of year State Dinner Awards Night.

Only 1 Invitation per rider for the State Dinner Awards Night (top 3 in multiple classes does not receive multiple invitations).

All events including the BMXtreme Carnival will be eligible for qualification for the BMXNSW State Championships.

Pro Series Information

The Pro Series for the Superclass Men and Superclass Women that in the past has been a total accumulation of points over the Open Series Rounds, in 2019 will be a total accumulation of points over the 9 State Series Rounds. So, Superclass have 2 series within the State Series. They have the State Series where the best 6 rounds count towards the awards and, the Pro Series where all points over the 9 rounds accumulate towards the “Big Cheques” at the State Dinner Awards Night.