Club Champions will be awarded to the top riders in each age groups from 8-10, 11-16 and 17+. Sprockets and Novice are participation classes and not eligible for end of year Club Championship awards.

There are 5 club championship rounds in the reduced 2020 season. Riders must compete in a minimum of 3 rounds to qualify for for the Club Championships Series. A rider’s top 4 out of 5 races will qualify for the end of year results.

Scoring determined follows: riders receive points for every moto that they compete in, 1st (10 points), 2nd (8 points), 3rd (7 points), 4th (6 points), 5th (5 points), 6th (4 points), 7th (3 points), 8th (2 points), DNF or no transponder (1 point).

1Bronte MCKNIGHTMANW2000Novice
2Erin MCKNIGHTMANW2000Novice
3Melanie RUCKLEYMANW2000Novice
4Vanessa CLYNEMANW100Novice
5Yiana DIPLASMANW100Novice
6Samantha PEAPERSYD100Novice
7Tanya (dorothy) WRIGHTMANW100Novice
1Neil CUMMINGSMANW313648385017+ Open Wheel
2Karl BROWNMANW311143303817+ Open Wheel
3Chris WRIGHTMANW31866617+ Open Wheel
4Zach WEBBMANW2111516017+ Open Wheel
5Robert MOHANMANW2110605017+ Open Wheel
6Brad JHAYEMANW294445017+ Open Wheel
7Seaton SPRATTMANW279522717+ Open Wheel
8Gavin REEDMANW274383617+ Open Wheel
9Graham EDWARDESMANW1484817+ Open Wheel
10Mark KEMPERMANW1464617+ Open Wheel
11George CANTMANW23963317+ Open Wheel
12Ashley ELDERFIELDTERR1373717+ Open Wheel
13Philip BESTMANW1353517+ Open Wheel
14Chris CUMMINGSMANW1343417+ Open Wheel
15Michael HARDERMANW1323217+ Open Wheel
16David YONGEMANW1252517+ Open Wheel
17Marc SILVERMANW2126617+ Open Wheel
18Belinda ELDERFIELDTERR16617+ Open Wheel
19Adrian BARROWMANW16617+ Open Wheel
20Casey MC FARLANEMANW16617+ Open Wheel
1Toby GRAHAMMANW315960603911 to 16 years
2Tomaso CUMMINGSMANW314050454511 to 16 years
3Nathan PURNELLMANW39334332611 to 16 years
4Luca BELLMANW1545411 to 16 years
5Ryan CRABTREEMANW1464611 to 16 years
6Angus HOUSTONMANW24563911 to 16 years
7Byron BESTMANW244271711 to 16 years
8Harrison BROWNMANW23832611 to 16 years
9Luca CUMMINGSMANW1343411 to 16 years
10Kalan BELLMANW1313111 to 16 years
11Ryan ELDERFIELDTERR1313111 to 16 years
12Matteo CUMMINGSMANW1212111 to 16 years
13Madison SHARPMANW1141411 to 16 years
14Daisy COOKMANW1131311 to 16 years
15Benjamin HALPINMANW16611 to 16 years
1Chloe BROWNMANW31576054438 to 10 year
2Theo ROUHOTASMANW31214444338 to 10 year
3Halen TYASMANW31143541388 to 10 year
4Brody WRIGHTMANW31084931288 to 10 year
5Cooper MCKNIGHTMANW395454468 to 10 year
6Jamie REITERMANW3802536198 to 10 year
7Oliver YONGEMANW210857518 to 10 year
8Emery HARDERMANW29049418 to 10 year
9Cooper MEEHANMANW27346278 to 10 year
10Henry REEDMANW27236368 to 10 year
11Myles BARROWMANW25430248 to 10 year
12Ryan KESBYMANW25330238 to 10 year
13Jacob LOXTONMANW25223298 to 10 year
14Madison SHARPMANW146468 to 10 year
15Matteo CUMMINGSMANW139398 to 10 year
16Jacob COXMANW134348 to 10 year
17Logan FOGWILLMANW125258 to 10 year
18Benjamin LEEMANW117178 to 10 year
19Jhett ATKINSONMANW117178 to 10 year
20Rhys WHITEMANMANW212668 to 10 year
21Ollie ASHLEYMANW1668 to 10 year
22Simon HARTLEBMANW1668 to 10 year
23Sanjay KEMPERMANW1668 to 10 year
24Benjamin HALPINMANW1668 to 10 year
25Daisy COOKMANW1668 to 10 year
26Jensen HARDERMANW1668 to 10 year
27Tyson MARGETTSMANW1668 to 10 year
1Nixon CANTMANW100Sprockets A
2Maxwell COLLINSMANW100Sprockets A
3Luca CUMMINGSMANW100Sprockets A
4Jordy HENDERSONMANW100Sprockets A
5Sanjay KEMPERMANW100Sprockets A
6Oliver COOKMANW100Sprockets Over 7
7Enzo EDWARDESMANW100Sprockets Over 7
8Jake ELDERFIELDTERR100Sprockets Over 7
9Korbin RICHARDSMANW100Sprockets Over 7
10Zakary SILVERMANW2000Sprockets Over 7
11Coda TYASMANW2000Sprockets Over 7
12Benson ARCHERMANW2000Sprockets A
13Sonny COOKMANW2000Sprockets A
14Jesse JACKSONMANW2000Sprockets A
15Chloe PEAPERSYD2000Sprockets A
1Aubrey CAMPBELLMANW100Sprockets B
2Nixon CANTMANW100Sprockets B
3Maxwell COLLINSMANW100Sprockets B
4Nikolas DIPLASMANW2000Sprockets B
5Bowie GAMBLEMANW2000Sprockets B
6Jensen HARDERMANW100Sprockets B
7Kira HENDERSONMANW2000Sprockets B
8Jordy HENDERSONMANW100Sprockets B
9Benjamin HUTCHISONMANW2000Sprockets B
10Lia KEMPERMANW100Sprockets B
11Casey MAHONEYMANW100Sprockets B
12Jai MAHONEYMANW100Sprockets B
13James NOONANMANW2000Sprockets B
14Sage RAPTISMANW2000Sprockets B
15Jack TERRYMANW100Sprockets B
16Benson ARCHERMANW100Sprockets Under 6
17Luca CUMMINGSMANW2000Sprockets Under 6
18Nate ELDERFIELDTERR100Sprockets Under 6
19Corby MATTHEWSMANW100Sprockets Under 6
20Thomas MCMANUSMANW2000Sprockets Under 6
21Rex PROUTING-SMITHMANW100Sprockets Under 6
22Benjamin REEDMANW2000Sprockets Under 6
23John SMARTMANW2000Sprockets Under 6
24Owen BODILLMANW100Sprockets B
25Finn BOURKEMANW100Sprockets B
26Billy CHAPMANMANW100Sprockets B
27Chase COOPERMANW100Sprockets B
28Dylan HOGGMANW100Sprockets B
29Sophie HUTCHISONMANW100Sprockets B
30Cameron MACBRIDEMANW100Sprockets B
31Kai MCFARLANEMANW100Sprockets B
32Rafael MONAGHANMANW100Sprockets B
33Charlie PATERSONMANW100Sprockets B
34Ollie RYANMANW100Sprockets B
35Elliot WILSONMANW100Sprockets B
1Dylan WRIGHTMANW30000MIni Wheelers
2Lia KEMPERMANW100MIni Wheelers
3Cody MARGETTSMANW100MIni Wheelers
4Brock SHARPMANW100MIni Wheelers
5Max DUKEMANW100MIni Wheelers
6Joshua GREENWAYMANW100MIni Wheelers
7Bruce COLLINSMANW2000MIni Wheelers
8Dylan RIBEIROMANW100MIni Wheelers
9Layla RIBEIROMANW100MIni Wheelers
10Falcon (jackson) TOMSMANW100MIni Wheelers